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Sandwich Panel Walls

We Are Specialized in Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Supplies

Sandwich panel walls are formed with Electrostatic Painted galvanized Steel Sheets and polyurethane insulation layer In order to obtain a perfect, homogenous and totally sealed walls specially designed for clean areas.

Lab Furnishing

We Are Specialized in Medical Diagnostics

An ideal work environment requires a laboratory design that involves an extreme focus on details, agronomical factors and safety needs.
Pharma Star provides a range of cost-effective, quality labs. furniture packages to meet customer requirements with optimum layout of work space.

Cieling and Flooring

We Are Specialized in Medical Diagnostics

We cover all cleanroom requirements specially designed ceiling sandwich panels meeting ISO specs. Anti-static vinyl flooring or Epoxy painting, clean room doors, Windows, and any other custom requirements to meet client needs.

HVAC Systems

We Are Specialized in Medical Diagnostics

Pharma Star talented Engineers offer shop drawing Designing, AHU, and ductworks supplying, implementing testing, validating, Pressurization, and airflow schematics For typical cleanroom classes according to ISO standards to achieve the desired air change per hour.


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    Additional Systems

    We Are Specialized in Medical Diagnostics

    Surveillance systems, fire alarm systems, door lock systems, BMS system, Camera system, sound systems, and any other client custom requirements.

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